Severe, hereditary hair loss - Double efficiency anti-fall & density


Densifying Hair Serum For Men

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Severe loss of density, Thinning Hair 

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A concentrate of active ingredients of natural origin for triple action effectiveness.


Increased hair density in 6 weeks (1): thicker hair. Biovectorised amino acid for less fine hair. 
72% (2) visibly stronger hair in 3 months.
83% (3) product satisfaction.


PHYTOCYANE Densifying Hair Serum helps men with severe density loss or hereditary hair loss to regain the quality and beauty of their hair, particularly on the temples and the top of the head, for more than 6 months.


Non-rinse, non-greasy and non-sticky.

(1) instrumental measurement of hair density after 1.5 months of use by 73 men.
(2) % of volunteers who perceived the effect during a satisfaction test with 73 men, after 3 months of use. 
(3) % global product satisfaction, satisfaction test on 73 men, after 3 months of use. 


Shiitake stimulates the production of sirtuins, longevity proteins that promote cell survival.

Biocompatible Wild Apple stem cell extract preserves follicular stem cells to delay hair senescence.

Serenoa extract inhibits 5 alpha reductase, the cause of hair loss.

Essential oils, which are purifying and stimulating, regenerate the environment of the hair bulb.

Solanum glycoproteins stimulate keratinocytes to promote growth and tone the hair.

Grape procyanidols and Cananga essential oil improve intercellular exchanges to restore hair density and vigour.

Advice for use

How often?
- 3 months treatment course.
- 3 vials a week for 3 months.

When and how?
- After using the shampoo, on towel-dried hair, apply the entire vial section by section.
- Massage gently.
- No need to rinse.

Benefits & results


Backed by 4 patents, PHYTOLIUM 4 is a treatment that helps fight thin, lifeless-looking hair that needs strength and density.


PHYTOLIUM 4 is a treatment formulated with plant stem cells, grape procyanidins and Solanum glycoproteins which combines 2 actions to help strengthen and densify lifeless hair:

In 2 words: ENERGY & DENSITY


All scalp types. Men with lifeless, thinning hair.

For lifeless, thin hair.


Very liquid texture, non-greasy, non-oily, non-sticky.

Rapidly penetrates the scalp.

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