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 You love Phyto, but you don't know which product to choose? 

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This guide will answer all your questions about Phyto Paris' best sellers!  


PHYTOPOLLEINE Botanical Concentrate 

 A cult favorite since 1969, this iconic botanical concentrate is a pre-shampoo that helps rebalance and soothe the scalp. This weekly treatment is effective in 20 minutes and is ideal for those who want to give their scalp a boost of health.   

PHYTOPOLLEINE Stimulating & Rebalancing Botanical Concentrate


PHYTOPHANERE Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids

Created in 1980, this dietary supplement in 2 capsules per day was created to obtain stronger, shinier hair and nails and maintain good general health. Thanks to a cocktail of vitamins and fatty acids essential! The perfect treatment for those who would love to have healthy hair. It's the ideal complement to anti-hair loss treatments. 

PHYTOPHANÈRE Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids
Hair and nails
Strength volume growth


PHYTONOVATHRIX Thickening, Densifying Treatment For Scalp And Hair    

Do you know someone or are you subject to hair loss? This product reinforces the beauty and quality of hair while slowing down hair loss.  PHYTONOVATHRIX helps provide density, strength, and resistance to the hair fiber. Made with 99% natural ingredients, it is the treatment for those who want to take good care of their scalp and hair! 

PHYTODEFRISANT Anti-Frizz Touch-Up Care  

Are you a fan of smoothed hair? This is the product for you! This anti-frizz smoothing brush smoothes hair with its anti-frizz, anti-humidity, and anti-static formula. It's perfect for repositioning hair after wearing a hat or when you have static in your hair.

PHYTO RE30 Grey Hair Treatment  

Your hair is starting to turn grey but you're not ready to commit to coloring? The RE30 Grey Hair Treatment is the innovation you need! This spray pigments the hair from the root and restores its original texture. It restores the natural color of the hair after 3 months of daily use. A unique product to offer to yourself. 

PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Shampoo  

Want to transport yourself to a place of paradise every shower? PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Shampoo has a delicious coconut and vanilla scent that is reminiscent of a pina colada!  It's the perfect product to start a PHYTO routine as it moisturizes dry hair and makes detangling easier with each wash. 

PHYTOVOLUME Volumizing Blow-Dry Spray 

Are you a fan of blow-drying and intense volume? This thermo-active spray gives your hair flexible volume at the roots to give you a blow-dry that lives up to your expectations! Roots are lifted without being crispy, giving your style lightness and flexibility. A star product that will delight you with its sweet smell. 

PHYTOCYANE Revitalizing Serum for Women

Are you suffering from hair loss due to stress or hormonal changes?  PHYTOCYANE Revitalizing Serum restores vitality and density of the hair of those who have experienced hair loss. Give it to a young mother, she will thank you for the beauty effect on her hair! 

Unsure of your hair care needs? Complete the hair quiz to create a complete routine adapted to your needs. 

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