Cheveux ondulés à frisés - Defined, shapely curls


Curl Energizing Spray

No frizz or cardboard effect
PHYTOSPECIFIC, Curl Legend, des Must-Have pour des boucles voluptueuses, toute la journée !Maintien léger - Hydrate - Tonifie - Redessine les boucles sans les alourdir .
95% of natural-origin ingredients


PHYTOSPECIFIC, Curl Legend, des Must-Have pour des boucles voluptueuses, toute la journée !Maintien léger - Hydrate - Tonifie - Redessine les boucles sans les alourdir .


Quinoa Milk
Origin of the plant : Native to the Andes, Quinoa was considered a sacred plant by the Incas, due to its high nutritional value and its ability to thrive at high altitudes in cold, dry climates.
Properties: the composition of Quinoa gives its milk a conditioning benefit for the hair fibre. Its proteins protect the fibre from external damage, repairing it, sheathing it and improving its elasticity; they form a film that prevents the risk of breakage. The carbohydrates prevent massive water loss and slow down dehydration. Cellulose
Plant cellulose has been selected by PHYTO because of its performance, which has been objectively assessed by various instrumental and sensory tests:
- Keeps the memory of the loops
- Improves the flexibility of the curl It allows for well-defined, long-lasting curls that are supple, toned and shiny with body; it controls curl by protecting the hair from humidity and allows for better curl retention.Extraction of Marshmallow
Origin of the plant: Native to the British Isles, it is now found in Europe and North America.
Properties: Very moisturising, Marshmallow is known for its high mucilage content. These polysaccharides capture and retain water by forming an invisible gel, thus guaranteeing hydration at the heart of the hair fibre.

Advice for use

Apply to damp hair to help define curls shape. Dry naturally or use a diffuser.

Apply to dry hair to redefine styling.

Benefits & results


A lightweight spray that hydrates, defines, and revives loose to tight curls without weighing them down. Curls are greaseless, shine, and bounce with an ultra-soft lasting touch.


Helps smoothing frizzy hair and define curls styling and keep it in place with a very natural, light hold.


Loose to tight curls.

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