Why My Fine Hair Falls Flat?

No matter what you do, your fine hair can't resist volume and always falls flat. Why is that?

Too fine, too soft, too flat... we don't get a chance to get a full head of hair. Despite our best efforts, our hair has no volume, no movement! The reason is simple: it's fine and flat.
What does that mean exactly? We'll tell you right now.

Why do I have fine hair?

We often ask ourselves that question in front of the mirror, looking at ourselves and wondering, "WHY? WHY THOUGH?!" We have the answer for you.

Interesting fact: human has between 100,000 and 120,000 hairs on the scalp.  However, the shape, colour, thickness, roundness and nature of hair varies from one individual to another, depending on genetics! Saying that we have fine hair, doesn't refer to the density of the hair - but to the diameter of the hair fibre. According to this diameter, hair can be classified into three types:
- Fine
- Intermediaries
- Thick
The hair fibre of fine hair has less material than other hair types. It has less support and is more difficult to hold up and style. That's why fine, thin hair tends to be flat and without volume!

Why don't I have volume?

Fine hair already leads to a lack of volume - because there is not enough substance. But there are also additional complicating factors! In substance, you may also worsened your situation by doing the following:

1. Inadequate haircare products
Overly nourishing and moisturizing products will weigh down the hair fiber of fine hair, making hair strands heavy. Indeed, too heavy textures, unsuitable ingredients - such as butter or oil - tend to give too much weight to the hair fibre: as a result, it is too heavy, the hair has no lightness and therefore no movement.
It is necessary to use treatments specially designed for fine and flat hair, such as the PHYTOVOLUME range: it will take care of the hair - without weighing it down with extra-light texture, specifically designed for fine hair.
2. Sebum production issues
Fine hair is often numerous. This means that there are lots of hair follicles on your scalp. Knowing that each follicle is associated with a sebaceous gland that produces sebum, there is a higher production of sebum in people with fine hair! This increase of matter - from the roots - will make hair heavier and flatter.
We recommend to use care products that will control the production of sebum. For this, there is the indispensable PHYTOPOLLEINE Pre-Shampooo: by using it once a week, it rebalances the scalp, tones it and regulates the production of sebum! If the scalp is healthy, then it is less likely to produce sebum.
3. Pollution
Over and over again. Polluting particles present in urban environments will play a role by depositing on the hair and scalp. They provide additional matter and accelerate sebum production. The result: hair is suffocated and without volume. To do this, you can integrate a detoxifying and depolluting range into your care routine, such as PHYTOD-TOX for example: by using it once a week, this range removes all pollution particles and hair products accumulated on the hair and scalp. Result: hair is lighter and shinier!
4. Long hair
Even if it's trendy AND beautiful, long hair needs volume. And for fine hair, the weight pulls the hair down, weighing it down and flattening it!

Are there solutions to style fine, flat hair?

You can't change the diameter of your hair.
Fine hair will be fine forever! But that doesn't mean that you are doomed to lack volume and density! You just need to adopt the right gestures and the right products as soon as possible.
First, you can choose a haircut that gives movement and volume to your hair, such as layered or short bob, avoiding to weight down lengths and flatten the hair.
Next, choose haircare products designed for your hair type: they should be able to care for your hair, moisturize, cleanse and beautify it, without weighing it down. phytovolume range for flat fine hair The new PHYTOVOLUME range is perfect for this: the Shampoo cleanses lightly, the Mask gives your hair the essentials, without any heaviness, while the Spray promotes maximum volume, from roots to ends! Finally, blow-drying is a must for fine and flat hair: to be done once or twice a week, it will allow your hair to be voluminous.
To maximize the effect of blow drying, use the PHYTOVOLUME Spray! In addition to protecting hair from heat, it will guarantee maximum bounce.

In conclusion, if you have fine, flat hair, there's no reason to despair. By adopting the right care and habits in your daily routine, your hair will finally be voluminous - and for a long time to come!

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