Prebiotics for your hair?

Discover how SOFTNESS’s Prebiotic Complex cares for your hair, and your scalp!


Did you know?

PREBIOTICS are sugars that serve as food for probiotics, otherwise known as good bacteria. Nourished and strengthened by prebiotics, this good bacteria flourishes and increases its beneficial activity.


Prebiotics for your hair… and your scalp!

We often forget that healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Keeping your scalp balanced is essential to protecting hair, keeping it hydrated and ensuring it has the nutrition it needs. Of course, washing and blow-drying your hair as well as exposing it to pollution aggravate the scalp and disrupt its balance. By providing your scalp with a Prebiotic Complex, you are enabling your scalp’s microbiota to develop beneficial flora. This also reduces the proliferation and anchoring of pathogenic flora, which helps keep the scalp’s ecosystem perfectly balanced.


SOFTNESS, the ultra-gentle line of products

The ingredients in SOFTNESS are ultra-gentle and respect your scalp, making it perfect for anyone ages 3 and up! In combination with the Prebiotic Complex, ingredients such as Oat Milk, Calendula and Rosemary Oil, or even Mallow Extract, will work wonders for your hair. The Softness Shampoo (89% natural) gently cleanses and keeps the scalp balanced while the Express Detangling Milk (97% natural) detangles and hydrates your hair, making it easier to style and providing maximum shine.


all hair types -Balancing the scalp
Silicone-free, sulphated surfactant-free

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all hair types - Detangling and shine
Silicone-free, sulphated surfactant-free

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all hair types - Disciplines and facilitates styling

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