PHYTOCOLOR : things to know about natural hair dye

You've dreamed about it and it's now getting real. PHYTOCOLOR hair permanent colour kits are here! Here are 5 good reasons to choose them.

It' s not easy to find your way around hair permanent colour to do at home. You don't know precisely what you want, but you know what you don't: colours that don't cover grey hair, disappearing after 2 weeks, or worse, that irritate and damage the scalp and hair. Rest assured: you will never have to face these situations again. PHYTOCOLOR offers all the benefits you need!

What's natural in PHYTOCOLOR permanent hair colour formulas?

Like every PHYTO Paris hair care product, nature is at the heart of PHYTOCOLOR hair permanent colour kits.
The colour pigments are derived from 5 dye plants known for their colouring properties. Depending on the colour, there can be up to 74% plant pigments in colouring care!
- Alder buckthorn yields a reddish pigment that is used in golden-yellow to cinnamon-brown shades.
- Dyer's madder, of which the roots of this perennial plant contain strong red pigments known as "madder lake."
- Plains coreopsis, with orange-yellow pigments into the flower stalks.
- Dyer’s broom, with orange-yellow pigments extracted from the flowering branches of this shrub.
- Logwood, a tree can grow to a height of 15 meters. The pigments are extracted from the wood of the trunk and larger branches and used to make dark colours. Logwood can also be combined with madder to make beautiful brown shades.
The fact that we use natural colours, findable in nature is the reason why you’ll never find fluorescent yellow or fuchsia pink at PHYTOCOLOR: these colours do not exist as plant-based pigments!
In combination with botanical pigments, you'll find precious oils for the health of the fibre and the beauty of the colour: jojoba and monoi oils. Together, they give a powerful nourishing and moisturizing effect. Their fatty acids penetrate the heart of the fibre to strengthen it. The result: hair is strong, supple, glossy and the colour shines. PHYTOCOLOR does not contain harmful and chemical components found in other colourings, either. Inside PHYTOCOLOR care products, you will find no PPD, resorcinol or ammonia! That's what allows your hair to be treated the way it deserves to be treated: with respect.

The PHYTOCOLOR guarantee: respect for hair and scalp

The days of irritating and itchy scalp and even dandruff flake are over! PHYTOCOLOR hair colours contain a cocktail of plant ingredients that protect and nourish your hair! Épaline, a corn oil derivative, diffuses its anti-irritation, anti-itching and anti-drying molecules to the scalp while putting it under high protection thanks to an invisible microfilm insulating effect. Also, Jujubier bark extract, a plant native to South America, moisturizes and reduces the process of inflammation, itching and irritation! In short, the integrity of the scalp is preserved for maximum comfort.

16 colour shades

When it comes to colours, you're left with a lot of choices! First of all, 8 basic colours, from black to very light blond. Then, you can choose between 4 brown colours, from hazelnut brown to deep and intense cappuccino. For blond lovers, you can choose between 4 golden colours, from light chestnut to light golden blond, with shimmering gold highlights! You've never coloured your hair? Take the time to find the colour of your choice using the colour tablets.

Easy and professional use

With PHYTOCOLOR, you'll get a result as professional as to when you leave the hairdressers salon, with the highlights and shine you want. All this in just 30 minutes, paying 5 times less! PHYTOCOLOR use is as seamless. Test for allergies 48 hours beforehand... If nothing happens, you’re safe to go!
1. First, mix the Developer Lotion Bottle and the Colouring Cream and shake well.
2. Use the applicator tip to distribute the colour section by section over the entire scalp.
3. Spread the product evenly over the hair roots and then apply the rest of the colour to the lengths, wrapping the hair with the product.
4. Leave on for 30 minutes (45 minutes if the hair is white), then rinse thoroughly! Good to know: For colouration newbies, remember to shop for 2 colouring kits. You may need more products to do the whole hair.For touch-ups and future colourings, one kit is all you’ll need!


9.8 Very Light Beige Blonde
Permanent hair color
Nourishes the hair


9.8 Very Light Beige Blonde
Permanent hair color
Nourishes the hair


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