5 Mistakes to avoid when using natural hair dyes

Natural hair dye will give you a spectacular result, as long as you avoid these frequent mistakes.

That's it. You’ve decided that you’re taking control of your hair colour: no more monthly hairdresser appointments, no more huge amounts of money and no more chemicals! You’ve decided to switch to natural hair dye. Here are 5 mistakes you should overcome when it comes to natural hair colour.

Mistake number 1: Choose a too dark or too light shade

Sometimes you really want a makeover for your hair colour. But changing colour is an art, and you have to be aware of what you can do by yourself, without the help of a professional.

If you want to lighten your hair, you can. But you will be able to lighten up to a maximum of 2 lighter shades! Why is that? Because going for a blonde colour on dark brown hair will never give the desired result: you’ll be disappointed because your current hair colour will not be as easily covered by blond hair as you think.

On the other hand, if you want to darken your hair, it will be much easier. This time you have to be careful to do it gradually to avoid a mental shock: even if you want a big change, changing your hair colour drastically modifies the perception you have of the shape of your face or the colour of your eyes
Better safe than sorry: if you overdo it and you’re not satisfied, it’s a long way to go back to a lighter colour. It is recommended to darken by two shades compared to your current colour and to continue doing so until you gradually obtain the desired colour.

Mistake number 2: Do not respect the application time of natural hair dyes.

The required application time for PHYTOCOLOR botanical permanent hair colour is 30 minutes, not less. The only exception depends on your grey hair percentage: if you have more than 30% grey hair, you’ll need to wait up to 45 minutes, not more than that.
No matter what colour you want, you mustn’t let it pose for longer than 45 minutes. If you colour your hair blonde, a colour that is left on for too long could turn into an undesirable colour... if you want to go towards dark chestnut, leaving the colour on for too long will darken your hair too much, and you won’t get the desired result!

Mistake number 3: Poorly rinse off the dye

In the same way that the colour should be applied for at least 30 minutes, you must also carefully remove the dye when rinsing off with water.
Take the time to scrub out all the formula, helping the hair dye come out with your hands. The best way to know that the hair is well rinsed off is to wait until the water is completely clear.

Professional tip: preferably rinse your hair in the sink (We know the struggle). This will avoid dirtying the shower and pigments getting on your skin.
When rinsing, emulsify the colour and use the colour protecting mask within the kit, to enhance the shine!

Mistake number 4: Wash your hair straight after colour it

You must give the natural pigments a chance to properly settle in the heart of the hair fibre unless you use a shampoo with an acidic PH to make sure you capture the dyes in the heart of the fibre. Otherwise, rinse thoroughly and use the provided detangling mask. Avoid large doses of hydration or nutrition at this stage to avoid colour fading.

You can wash your hair after 48 hours. The colour will be perfectly fixed by then.
After rinsing your hair dye, use the PHYTOCOLOR Colour Protective Mask, supplied in the kit - but also available in a large format for daily use!

Mistake number 5: Use products that do not take care of your coloured hair

In order to prevent your colour from fading after washing your hair, it is essential to choose the right hair care products for coloured hair, which take care of your hair not only in the shower but also on a daily basis.

It’s even better if you keep going on with natural and botanical expertise: it’s the guarantee of taking care of your hair while respecting it.
PHYTOCOLOR range will meet every one of your needs: the Shampoo and Mask protect the colour, revive the shine of the colour and moisturise the hair fibre damaged by hair dying. The Leave-In Shine Activating Care gives hair a daily boost of shine while protecting it from US rays.

Once these 5 mistakes have been corrected, nothing will get in your way! You and your natural hair colour just have to enjoy the beautiful highlights and exceptional colour you have.

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