10 Best Hairstyles & Haircuts for Fine and Flat Hair

Wondering what's the best hairstyle to give fine and flat hair more flair? Read on.

You can't change the shape of your hair fibres. What you can do, however, is take the right haircare to give it maximum volume and find the cuts and hairstyles that will easily bring out the best in it!

Here are the things that people with fine, flat hair MUST NOT do: 
- Have super-long hair: the lengths make the hair heavier and flatter even more. 
- Choose a straight cut: in order to create the illusion of volume and movement in a hair, you must give it rhythm! We forget about straight finishing cuts, the one where all the hair is at the same length. 
- Remove weight: it's the worst idea when you want volume. Not to be confused with layering, which structures the hair, the principle of removing weight to the hair is to remove volume from the hair, in a random way! 
- Using inappropriate haircare: the products used for the hair should not be too heavy, too greasy. Give a friend anything that contains oils, butters... And you choose light textures, which take care of the hair without pulling it down!




The haircut plays an important role to give volume to your hair. Now that you know what you shouldn't do - here are our top cutting ideas for giving volume to fine, flat hair!


1. The short bob

It's a must for fine, flat hair. Its main advantage: it prevents the hair from being pulled down because of the weight of the hair. It also makes it possible to gain volume easily, without too much effort! In addition, it is ultra-easy to wear: loose or tied-up hair, curly or straight, with or without accessories ... there's plenty of choice! Short bob cut for fine flat hair




2. The long bob

Unlike the short bob, which stops just below the ears, the long bob falls gently on the shoulders. The result: the hair benefits from the movement on the shoulders, giving it more volume. All the same, it remains short enough not to pull down! 


3. The plunging bob

Another trick to give volume to hair: the plunging bob. The concept is quite simple: the front strands are longer than the back strands. 
The result: a sensation of thickness guaranteed, and a style that is both chic and structured!
The little bonus for those who dare: the curtain bang or the tapered bang, to give depth to your look.


4. The layered haircut

Layering is a must for all those who wish to have a minimum of length, but do not have sufficient volume. 


How does it work exactly? We cut some strands shorter than others progressively, to give movement or volume to the hair. For it to be successful, a layered haircut must not show any demarcation between strands of different sizes, while spontaneously marrying the shapes of the face! 
Attention: removing weight is forbidden!


5. The tomboy haircut

The tomboy cut is a radical and extremely effective way to stop worrying about the lack of volume. 
You cut your hair short, very short! 
Nevertheless, you need to use adapted haircare, and to use the technique of layering. Nothing worse than a boyish cut that falls like a soufflé!



Now that you've chosen the ideal cut for your fine, flat hair, you need styling ideas to gain more and more volume. Here are the best tips!


Curly hair

You can' t miss this trick, as it is so effective and sublime for all those who use it. Curling fine hair gives it the volume it needs. Besides, it can completely change a face! 
To curl your hair, you can use the traditional curling iron, or simply fall asleep with a braid. The result when you wake up is guaranteed! 
On the other hand, fine hair doesn't hold curls well: remember to use a soft hairspray to keep curls in place all day long!

curly hair for fine shape



The very high messy-bun

It is probably the simplest hairstyle to achieve, yet it is so useful when you want to give volume to fine hair! We take the whole hair, make a bun and place it on the top of the head. You can even let out a few strands on the forehead, to give movement and freedom to the hair!


The half-up

If you want to break up this flat effect, clear the face and keep its length, the half-up is the ideal hairstyle. 
Curved, braided or fixed with a hair clip, the half-up is a simple hairstyle to achieve! You take the top part of your hair and tie it up, leaving the rest of the hair lumpy. It's as simple as that!








Bulky headbands

You don't have volume? Use voluminous accessories then! All illusions are good to take. So we use the trend of voluminous headbands in fabric or velvet to our advantage!






You always need it. Here's an example: you get up in the morning and your hair really has no volume. But you don't have time to do your hair! No problem: you take 2 clips, which you use to remove the strands from your face and put them to one side. Result: you give movement to your hair, with ease. 

We hope these suggestions will help you finally make peace with your fine, flat hair! Remember: your hair isn't the problem, it's what you do with it! So choose the right haircare, the right cuts and hairstyles, blow-dry thoroughly, and fine, flat hair will be a distant memory.

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